• Customer-Centered Design means

    Involving your customers at the outset

    Great products are built when you work with your customers to create concepts they want.

    Involving your customers at the outset
  • Design Thinking is all about

    Iterative Feedback

    Learn fast so you can "fail" fast. Get your customers to give early feedback, so you can iterate quickly.

    Iterative Feedback
  • Use the crowd to

    Refine. Iterate. Then Rinse and Repeat.

    Let customers be your sounding board. Get mocks up quickly and hear feedback immediately.

    Refine. Iterate. Then Rinse and Repeat.
Betterific’s concept refinement and validation tool was born out of a client need: How do we begin to evaluate the hundreds of quality ideas that have been generated?  How do we continue along the co-creation funnel, and get valuable qualitative and quantitative feedback in a lightweight, instantaneous way?  And with that, the “Iterative Concept Refinement Tool” was built.
Why? It is an opportunity to reconnect with customers and get feedback before you go to market.  Learn the Why behind the What.
How? We open the room for a short amount of time, to allow quick, iterative feedback.  We require participants to cast their vote before participating in the comment section, to insure we record their unbiased preferences.  We then invite them to participate in the conversation – why did you prefer one over the other? How would you make that specific concept better?  It takes the most important aspects of quantitative feedback and merges it with qualitative feedback to get a full picture.
Turn your concept testing on its head, by making it more collaborative, social, and engaging.


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Don't take our word for it...

Kathee Tesija

Kathee Tesija

Chief Merchandising Officer / Target

We partnered with Betterific, an open crowd sourcing community focused on innovation to help us think of innovative products that could make life in a first apartment or dorm room even better…Betterific is part of Target’s larger guest-to-guest initiative, working to connect guests to Target in meaningful ways.
-Corporate Earnings Call

Don Scheibenreif et al, Gartner

Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods 2015 / Gartner

Betterific identified as a "cool vendor" by Gartner.

Richard Ahern

Richard Ahern

VP Marketing and Product Development / Sterilite

In searching for our next breakthrough idea, we turned to the Betterific community to help us generate out of the box ideas. It far exceeded expectations. High-impact and low-touch; there’s not a better way to get fresh new ideas and inspire your team to think differently.

Harrison Weber

The Next Web

Betterific has the potential to disrupt bland, corporate suggestion boxes everywhere.

Emi Kolawole

Emi Kolawole

The Washington Post

‘Wouldn’t it be better if … ’ there was a better suggestion box? Enter Betterific.

Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson

Innovator / Hyundai

What impressed me most was the responsiveness of members and their ability to generate innovative ideas that were actionable, with little more than a three sentence introduction/brief.

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