• Direct the conversation through

    Innovation Challenges

    Turn team priorities, product development cycles, or company-wide into innovation challenges and ideate across the company.

    Innovation Challenges
  • We live and breathe security and

    Data Protection

    Hosted in Amazon's secure cloud server, with 2000 bit encryption, SSL, and standard best practices, we couple a best-in-class security offering with easy-to-use software.

  • Quickly and easily

    generate ideas

    User Experience is in our DNA. Betterific runs and maintains an open-innovation consumer site, where we are constantly testing ways to engage users and make the platform easy to use. Your platform benefits from those learnings.

     generate ideas
  • The Front End

    Innovation Platform

If you like the Betterific platform, but want to use it for your employees, our internal, enterprise idea generation platform, is for you.  It allows you to take the Betterific technology and deploy it internally.

Why? Tap into the braintrust of your employees by giving them the power to participate in innovation challenges.  The platform allows your employees to quickly, easily, and comfortably submit ideas and interact with each other over ideation and brainstorming.

We work closely with enterprise clients to bring our best-in-class software to you.  From single-sign-on integration to 24/7 customer service to constantly updating the platform software based on your feedback, we are looking forward to making your innovation generation and management program a success.  Feel free to peek through our site, take a look at all of our innovation generation and management products. And when you’re ready, please reach out to us to schedule a demo.


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Don't take our word for it....

Kathee Tesija

Kathee Tesija

Chief Merchandising Officer / Target

We partnered with Betterific, an open crowd sourcing community focused on innovation to help us think of innovative products that could make life in a first apartment or dorm room even better…Betterific is part of Target’s larger guest-to-guest initiative, working to connect guests to Target in meaningful ways.
-Corporate Earnings Call

Don Scheibenreif et al, Gartner

Cool Vendors in Consumer Goods 2015 / Gartner

Betterific identified as a "cool vendor" by Gartner.

Richard Ahern

Richard Ahern

VP Marketing and Product Development / Sterilite

In searching for our next breakthrough idea, we turned to the Betterific community to help us generate out of the box ideas. It far exceeded expectations. High-impact and low-touch; there’s not a better way to get fresh new ideas and inspire your team to think differently.

Harrison Weber

The Next Web

Betterific has the potential to disrupt bland, corporate suggestion boxes everywhere.

Emi Kolawole

Emi Kolawole

The Washington Post

‘Wouldn’t it be better if … ’ there was a better suggestion box? Enter Betterific.

Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson

Innovator / Hyundai

What impressed me most was the responsiveness of members and their ability to generate innovative ideas that were actionable, with little more than a three sentence introduction/brief.

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