Betterific Acquired by IdeaScale

This January, Betterific was acquired by IdeaScale, a leading idea management platform based in Berkeley, CA. This acquisition allows IdeaScale to offer innovation leaders full visibility into their knowledge base (inside and outside their organization). The Betterific platform will continue to operate as usual, under the IdeaScale brand and management.

About IdeaScale

IdeaScale serves hundreds of customers in the public and private sector who have shared nearly a million ideas that have guided organizations in new product development, process improvement, cost savings opportunities, workplace improvement and more. Nearly 40% of IdeaScale customers have a dedicated innovation department at their organization whose responsibilities span numerous purviews – research and developing ideas through intrapreneurship or acquisition, stewarding ideas through prototyping and testing, training their organization and more. IdeaScale sees open innovation as intrinsic to multiple parts of this strategy.

About Betterific

Betterific crowdsources innovation, tapping into the power of 25,000 ideators and creative minds to help brands generate new product ideas and insights. The community of solvers have created patent-pending ideas, named new snack bars, redesigned kitchen cabinets, launched dorm room products, and reimagined Scotch tape, just to name a few innovation challenges. Its mission is to help brands break free of their echo-chambers and get closer to the consumer to co-create products that are consumer-driven. Betterific works closely with innovation departments and insights team at brands like Target, Coca-Cola, Masco Cabinetry and Cargill.

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