Betterific has been Acquired: Meet IdeaScale Crowd

As many of you know, IdeaScale recently acquired Betterific. And I, Rob Hoehn, the founder and CEO of IdeaScale wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and give a little bit of background on why we are enamored with Betterific and the community that you have built. And tell you a bit about next steps.

When I started IdeaScale, I wanted to give a voice to anyone that has a great idea – no matter who the person. For the past ten years, we’ve helped give millions of employees, customers, and constituents a chance to share their ideas from all over the world. Our focus from the beginning was to build the best platform for community sponsors (in which they would bring their own crowd).

About five years ago, I met the Betterific team at an entrepreneurship event and was impressed right away. Fantastic stories of a rich, diverse crowd producing innovative ideas for top brands. And boy do they hustle: one time Micha and the team had to drive around to every single car mechanic in the area just to connect with them directly and ask them for ideas.

However, their biggest challenge was scaling the software itself. As with any startup, it can be hard to focus on many things at once, and it was difficult to build great software AND find new customers at the same time.

Meanwhile, we had focused so much time and effort on our software platform, that we had not spent any time building our own crowd of design thinkers. Sometimes our existing customers would ask us to host public ideation challenges to bring in fresh ideas. We usually sent them to Betterific.

One day Micha and I were chatting and discussing some of these challenges. The thought occurred to us: why not combine the awesome crowdsourcing software from IdeaScale with the great people in the Betterific crowd? It made so much sense! So we got to work and over the last couple of months, we’ve been hard at work bringing the two together.

We are very excited to share the news that Betterific is now part of IdeaScale Crowd.

Through IdeaScale Crowd, you are a member of a community of more than 30,000 innovators who can help solve problems, create new products, and provide valuable insights to companies and organizations small and large, worldwide.

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